AVA L O N audio-video consultants
in Bahrain since 1981 - company registered 1999




Box 2282, Bahrain


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why "AVALON"

I hear the horses' thunder, down in the valley below
I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon, waiting for the eastern glow

The Battle of Evermore - Led Zep IV (1971) - Jimmy Page (Robert Plant & Sandy Denny)

La Mort d'ARTHUR - by James Archer 1860

Legend has it that as King Arthur lay mortally wounded after battle, finally weighed down
by life's struggles, wonderous women (some say, many fair ladies and three Queens) laid
him tenderly in a boat and rowed him through mists to the enchanted island of Avalon -
a place of healing, renewal, rebirth: the Spirit World, Isle of the Blessed, Isle of Apples -
a paradise where one wants for nothing. There Arthur lives, revitalised with his reformed
sister Morgan le Fay, ready for any future call to lead his people against their foes.

During a visit to South West England with my parents, I decided to call my company
Avalon, as I believe the beauty within music can soothe one's soul - indeed, listening to
superb audio can easily lift one's spirit and transport one to a kind of paradise, refreshing
and strengthening one to face whatever life may bring... 

Coincidentally, AVALON = Audio, Video, Acoustics, Lighting, ON-line control...et voilà! aa

Target Market

I'm from England, where the audiophile* market-per-capita is certainly one of the
highest in the world and Home Automation second only to the USA.  Naturally, Bahrain's
own market is relatively tiny... but we can still help you!

More-discerning people appreciate better-than-average stuff.  Some may want home
entertainment, audio, lighting and/or home control.  Instead of a hurried “executive”
decision, some do research, beyond the sponsored links, glib and glitzy magazine hype.
They dislike shallow sales people, and would prefer sound advice – but where from?!

Avalon can supply the world's best products - but we won't shower you with brochures
or sales overload. As a qualified engineer, experienced in audio since early 70s (+ home
auto since mid 90s), I prefer to LISTEN to your situation, to see how best fulfil your
needs. I can then show you best cost-benefit solutions around (above and below) your
budget.  Magazines don't listen, so aren't so good at discussing your options in this area!

If your project is large, I'm in close contact with, and can combine and scale-up with
international specialists, with your approval.  (Inside or outside: anything permanent -
i.e. not temporary or rental.)

*For me, an audiophile is someone who loves to reproduce music most accurately, using
genuine technological or artisanal excellence (not snake oil, unless it works!).  If this is
you, you've come to the right place: "a high-end, with feet on the ground".  We can
certainly bring to you many of the world's most exciting, thrilling, extreme performers -
including beyond Bahrain if your local supply is difficult.

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