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Home Automation

Home Automation

We design, supply, install and support...

*** top performers - demanded by serious clients with higher budgets


*** best value, lower cost alternatives - for developers with tight budgets

One should maintain a distinction between nice-to-have (like entertainment)
and must-have (safety) systems. Also see NOTE and CONSIDERATIONS below.

We can control audio, video, security & surveillance, lighting, curtains, shutters,
door locks, climate/HVAC, irrigation, etc...(lots) by touchpanel, iphone or internet,
using networked devices whose boxes are often grouped in an equipment room.

Such systems need sensible design and future support. 
Such matters are not new to us and we'd be delighted to discuss them with Clients
(but less so with jokers who wish to start their own automation companies).

NOTE - there is a trend toward using new single-manufacturer products.  Something
newer and cheaper always attracts.  New Home Automation installers appear, train staff
in their product line and quote for jobs quickly - but hey, there ARE cautions to consider!
All eggs in 1 basket leaves you vulnerable in future - see considerations below.

Sure, $2 is less than $3, but if you wish to install automation into your home for many
years without regret, your best option may not be the cheapest. Deciding on prices alone
requires an absolutely equal specification - which is almost always not the case.



Clients want a smooth, reliable implementation well into the future. So better to
compare systems rather than believe the first new brochure, no matter how glossy.


any manufacturer needs time and funds to build a reliable, quality product range;
new companies may have a good product but then complete their range with ones
less-good (
I see audio distribution using long speaker cables like 1970!) or less reliable.  


all manufacturers face software or reliability obstacles with new models;
established manufacturers are more experienced so (a) reduce such risks in the 1st
place and (b) resolve such issues should they occur


after Enron, *any* company can fail.  If this happens to your single-manufacturer
automation company or its regional support, what will you do?  Better to use
established companies with worldwide third-party support which is easy to obtain
and will continue for many years, same for their hardware on eBay + used market. 


better to integrate systems from third-party manufacturers (e.g. lighting) which
work well and retain their own control as a backup, should the home automation fail


established automation controllers (e.g. Crestron) have a history of support and
upgrades which new companies do not


be fair and sure to compare latest, comparable versions of auto systems: a new
company's slim box vs. an established company's new slim box - not from 5yrs ago!


1 - Cat 5, 6 & 7 in equipment room
2 - centralised lighting system
3 - ...for a medium villa


We're experienced in automation since 1996 and naturally, our earliest clients include
very demanding VIPs.  Many new automation products have entered the market since -
some are viable and can be incorporated. Others are less likely to gain market share,
possibly causing the company to "exit" and leave the home owner unsupported...


Leadtime is vital to plan and do wiring which still matters - one can't always rely on radio,
though some enthusiastic readers may dispute this: they may quote and promote latest
marketing hype, ignoring any caution!  But: living in one's own home, reliability is vital.


We work with the architect and client to reserve space for air-conditioned equipment
room(s), separated from 240V mains and lighting dimming systems.  We can help re-plan
the routing of high-voltage lines to avoid interference and unreliabilty - it does matter.


Multiroom systems are ideal for villas and luxury apartments

One central entertainment system (audio server, satellite boxes, iPod...) can be enjoyed
in many rooms throughout the home.

If necessary, one can also share local sources: e.g. the CCTV in baby's bedroom (we'd
call this local, not a central source) can be accessible from the kitchen or wherever....

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