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Home Theatre


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Home Theatre

Home Theatres / Theaters come in all shapes and sizes - unfortunately!

And there are far too many designs out there that simply will not work well.
Hopefully Avalon can improve the global average - not, I'm afraid, by showing you good
design for free, but by working "alongside" the professionals you have on your project.  

Architects or interior designers can & often do produce totally exciting home designs.
However, with respect, they often design poor Home Theatres, by designing a lounge or
multi-purpose area and calling it a "Home Theatre". In reality, they omit or avoid proper
and specific Home Theatre design, which is where a specialist AV designer is most useful.

Design Validation Service

Email me (top of page) if you'd like us to check your AutoCAD room plans/elevations for
obvious problems or concerns - or a clean bill of health - to reassure you.  We'll validate
your designer's plans using our specialist eyes and experience.  This service will not be
free, but we need your plans or renders first in order to quote an appropriate fee.

Design Creation

We can design your Home Theatre (new, an extension or conversion) - from scratch to
whatever level you need, and if you desire, render it in 3D from meaningful viewpoints,
with your furniture and room features. Please email me to arrange for such a quote. 
If necessary, we can also attend your site, supervise workers and fly in equipment, etc.

Best to consult us at an early stage to ensure viewing, listening and seating meet
acceptable levels for all your audience.  Commercial cinemas fill all their space including
seats near walls - but surround sound effect is very compromised for viewers there!  One
must maintain more space around the edges, meaning a bigger room than many think.

Our smallest Home Theatre is <4m wide, our longest 42m (137 feet), which took 22
strong gorillas to carry the variable-size Stewart screen from the truck!



Quality front projection is still the best option only if certain conditions can be met, like
a darkened room, excellent screen, accurate setup and compatible surface finishes.  But
an audience of white-thobes, cream sofas, light walls, ceiling and marble are not ideal...

Indeed, many people using multi-purpose rooms (a Lounge used as a
Home Theatre!) do not wish to hear the above, as if these inconvenient
facts some how don't apply to them.  However, the next major advance in
displays and projection will be HDR: High Dynamic Range, where brighter
peak whites and DARKER BLACKS will be necessary.  Surrounding surfaces
that are very light-coloured will totally RUIN this next advance (like in the
case shown, amongst other issues; this Client asked our advice very late.)

3D also places greater emphasis on proper design. Our favoured system is "5D" = a 4K
system which works superbly for 2D and 3D (using 10x lighter glasses without flicker).

We can design or consult on your room ergonomics, acoustics, paneling, seating, etc.
and supply, install and support matched projection components incl. Kaleidescape, SIM2,
Barco, Sony, Draper, Stewart...  (and another stunning projector, our current favourite).

Properly done, today's Home Theatres are better than any public cinema or iMAX!



LED-type HDTVs offer better daylight-proof alternatives than LCD or projection. 
Nano-crystal (or Quantum Dot) technology will help the next round of TVs to match
OLED's natural High Dynamic Range, and together with 10- or 12-bit colour depths will
boost acceptance of 4K UHD.  On its own, higher resolution is not always noticeable.

We have supplied and installed Samsung, Sony and Loewe (some with Chief tilt &
swivel motorised supports and e.g. Artison high-quality addon speakers) as part of a
total system with correspondingly improved audio to ensure optimum results.

In-wall or free-standing speakers sound even better but need careful interior planning.

a Samsung 52" + Artison Masterpiece speakers + Chief PDR tilt & swivel bracket extending 1m from wall
angling all over the room to wherever the children were playing - a more unusual request

HD satellite TV and streaming servers often provide compressed "high-def" video, not
BluRay or 4K quality (or anything like Ultra HD BluRay!). However, today's 4K-quality video
distribution is feasible over significant distances: HDMI to 25m, twin Cat6 to say 30-40m,
or upto 300m using single core optical fibre: we used powered HDMI cables in 2008!

4K SUHD is just arriving, quite spectacular, at a cost (even though material is not yet
available as I write, beyond the showroom demonstrations) and standards have ALREADY
changed...Meanwhile 1080p will be with us for some time and now easy in every room! 

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