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AVALON Crowdfunding Idea

from May 2015 - Conditions* apply

* available by email, see below


If you've ever started a small business, the issue of startup capital has occupied your
mind - and if selling into a cyclic market, ongoing funding concerns can also occur!

Avalon officially started in 1999 after I supplied several friends, VIPs and Royals
with audio systems way ahead of local fare (my love of high-end audio started in 1971).
By researching and promoting best performance and value-for-money, I meet many
fascinating folk who share my passion and eschew impersonal, mass-market, mediocre
products.  Just like enthusiastic BMW buyers who may Google plenty, but actually buy
their cars from a caring, competent specialist. 

See what's in the name “Avalon” and how we developed from Audio via
Home Theatre, to whole-home A-V and Home Automation systems

By reducing expenses, Avalon has survived the slump in high-end villas, the reduced
feel-good factor and damaged economy.  Our Goods and Services are technology-based,
and to promote the right product combinations, we need to get to know them first-hand
and not rely on reviews that may be hype, misleading or simply wrong.  As HDR improves
4K TV, even audio is making exciting progress, raised to new levels.  Home Automation
advances: more economical combinations now help the elderly, not just the wealthy. 
In truth, many developers now need outsourced expert advice and bespoke or packaged
solutions to differentiate their new homes to resurgent buyers.  You can help consolidate
this local expertise and access to world class products... 


...raises up-front cash via affordable amounts donated by many people who support its
cause.  There may be rewards, like cut-price products from inventors, or cinema tickets
from movie-makers, whatever.  Sometimes, it's regulated to prevent misuse of funds.

New funds will allow Avalon to carefully expand and to test and prove new product
combinations to strengthen our role of advisor and supplier of the best products in their
respective fields (audio, video, control, including lighting & automation).  This quantum
jump in contemporary, in-depth product experience, will strengthen our perceived value
and legitimise the go-to reliance placed on us by developers, home owners and audio &
A-V enthusiasts alike, and expand our access to more of the world's top brands.


DIY approach

Most crowdfunding websites are not free (taking 5-10%) and favour other types of
activity. They have arbitrary rules, like a short funding time window and what to do
when contributions don't reach target.  Hence a DIY approach hosted on Avalon's
website, with a blog helping traffic to it and our proposed method seems a better fit.
I shall improve Google Optimisation and take legal advice to ensure our promotion
doesn't conflict with local Law and to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding.


Proposed Reward

For anyone interested in top or better-than-average Audio, Video and Home
Automation in terms of performance, home-compatibility or value-for-money:

we hope some of you buy today!  Others will probably buy, but are unsure when (spouse
prioritisation / pre-emptive business or career pressure / overseas travel / cost-of-living /
no permanent home...) – so, possibly after a year or so.  However, competitors with less
technical knowledge or product experience (but more funds) might take opportunities
from us in the meantime -
so we need to bring forward funds now / asap!  Cash today
will help us more than in 2 years, and so Avalon is proposing its own, compliant proposal. 

In the spirit of Crowdfunding, for helping Avalon now, your "Reward" will be what I call a
Future Bargain Option - a kind of deposit incentive as defined below - an FBO has
value against a future purchase according to Conditions, it cannot be encashed.

Future Bargain Option (FBO)


An FBO shall give the holder the right (not an obligation) to purchase from Avalon,
within a defined time period, Audio, Video and/or Home Automation at a bargain
price reduced by up to 200% of the amount advanced
, according to
Conditions* e.g. for an elite A-V component normally retailing at $10K, someone
previously advancing $1.5K could later pay up to $3K less! (against such purchase)


The unused part of an FBO can be used in the same way for the remaining duration
of the bargain period, which starts on the 1st and runs till the 3rd anniversary of
the corresponding amount advanced (
Note : an FBO cannot be encashed)


Outside the bargain period, Avalon will honour the FBO at the corresponding
amount advanced
, only against a purchase, according to the same Conditions*


*Conditions/Examples/FAQs/procedure: Nigel@AvalonConsultants.com


we expect FBOs to be offered for a limited period, dependent upon response

Note : conventional discount as such, especially on top items, is very RARE because it is
forbidden by suppliers who rightfully fear it might demean their brand, trigger price wars
and undermine proper support and distribution.  A limited-release FBO is a Thank You for
responding to Avalon's appeal – it is NOT a normal discount in the accepted sense.

e&oe - last updated (Bahrain Formula 1 2015)


pics: practice  /  2015 - well done Lewis!  /  Bahrain International Circuit @night from air

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