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What is it?

SPACE is a way to improve sound from any Linn DS/DSM by compensating for
room acoustics, to an impressive degree!  -  It even works on simple, passive
systems and can make non-optimal speaker positions actually sound very good!


There's no negative side-effect to this advance at all, unlike conventional tone controls.
Most benefits can be enjoyed after running simple Linn software (which dealers or
tweakers may be able to improve manually - but tweaking is not absolutely necessary).
After that, it's like another revolution!


SPACE Optimisation+ is a further refinement which compensates for driver behaviour
within a growing range of loudspeakers.  It works with Exakt to optimise its digital
crossover function which, in conjunction with active drive (a dedicated amplifier channel
for each drive unit: no conventional crossover) unleashes a performance otherwise


What does it do?

SPACE can often bring a boomy room under control, and many clients report hearing
details and exciting recorded ambiance that were previously hidden by room effects,
often not subtle! These include modes (resonances due to room shape, size, and
speaker placement within it) and reverberent energy - e.g. high frequency splash off
marble or glass, or the dullness from over-furnishing, can be improved by HF shelving.

Some may feel their bass reduces when first using SPACE, due to it flattening 20+ dB
bass humps in their room!  The smoothed bass can be shelved up to compensate for
taste and the initial "cold turkey" feeling of bass deprivation. This is usually followed
by a realisation that they're hearing far more musical, deep bass - actual notes!

SPACE Optimisation can be further tweaked manually by expert users or your Linn
dealer -
Avalon will gladly oblige in Bahrain.


The chipset within Linn DS / DSM has a capability far beyond simply interpreting e.g.
FLAC files of digitised music.  So du
ring the digital processing of normal play (streaming),
it can also apply EQ in a precise, high-resolution manner, unlike any non-digital method.


How can I do it?

You need (a) Linn DS or DSM player (Kiko/Majik/Akurate/Klimax) and (b) a networked
laptop to enter your particular details into Linn's Konfig -
if in doubt, ask your Linn dealer.

Whilst other companies compel you to use measurement microphones, which could cause
problems for many non-technical people, Linn uses rather simple software which asks you
which speakers you're using and to enter certain room measurements.

The Linn software models how your speakers will likely interact with your room, and sets
up the DS or DSM's internal processing to largely compensate for the predicted bad
acoustic behaviour.  Result: no bad behaviour - instead, a revelation! 


SPACE Optimisation applied to 2 different systems with manual tweaks



most acoustic problems reduced so much, music noticeably fresher and clearer


even simple, passive systems, non-Linn speakers, non-Linn amplifiers can all benefit


Avalon even uses this effect in restaurants, wherever Linn DS are used


tweakable further, to match even difficult speaker placement scenarios


Linn DS/DSM owners using SPACE describe it as a "no-brainer"!

User Comments:
Inspired by our progress I tackled the living room system, applying all I have learned about SPACE.
It turned out to be very successful indeed. There were some huge bass bumps that I managed to
control quite well (see attached curves). I ignored what SPACE gave me as defaults and now have
a rather flat response curve up to 140 Hz, so lean in fact that I reduced treble by 0.5 dB up to 8 kHz...

1.  I now do have TREBLE, and plenty of it.

2.  I have SPACE, and heaps of it. Width,depth but not as much height.
 Still, you get a good sense for the room the music was recorded in.

3.  Can pretty much move around the room and get good sound all over.

4.  Voices and instruments are really good and sculpted, even though they don't have the
  visceral quality that I get from the (SPACEd mega-system), naturally.

5.  Bass is now very controlled again…  have not looked above 140 Hz - could be some more benefit.

6.  I can finally hear and benefit from (using a) Renew/1 AND the KK/1. Smashing.

All this is very, very good and much better than I would ever have expected. Even more remarkable
(because) any listening position is less than ideal and the room itself hardly acoustically suitable
with its very large tiled area, TV behind the stereo and four large floor-to-ceiling windows - drove me
insane before.

I'm sitting here at the far end of the room, not even centered between the speakers, and the sound is
pretty awesome. I guess I mentioned that before…
Thanks to you and thanks to Linn for SPACE.
It really has made a big difference.

AW -  June 2015 - Bahrain


A SPACE system can be demonstrated in Amwaj, Bahrain -
bookable in advance, please email me as per main page

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