AVA L O N audio-video consultants
in Bahrain since 1981 - company registered 1999




Box 2282, Bahrain


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About us

Avalon is a Bahraini Sole Proprietorship with Commercial
Registration No. 42100/1, registered since March 1999 in
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain   (OK, so why the name Avalon?).

We started in high-end audio: demonstrations, proper set-up and
selection of components, considering their outright performance
and cost-benefit within a whole system, and room characteristics. 

We expanded into custom-installation and design of larger systems and
ome Theatres which inevitably also involved touchpanel control and
lighting systems: core aspects of today's home automation. 

Avalon can now handle serious residential projects (villas, luxury
apartments, palaces) and some commercial and acoustically difficult
spaces with a combination of drive, passion and equally committed and
well-experienced industry professionals beyond its sole leader. 
owner Samia runs several retail outlets in Bahrain, trading since 1974.

Avalon is managed by Nigel Goddard, resident in Bahrain since 1981.

Nigel is an ex-Rolls-Royce jet-engine performance engineer with a
solid computing background, two Masters degrees in Engineering and
Operational Research, and experienced in financial technical trading and
international airline planning.  He is quite fanatical and has been spinning
Linn Sondeks since they were Aristons (1971) and installing systems soon
after.  He has deep product and technical knowledge.

Bahrain is a small market, so competent personnel are subcontracted for electrical/civil
work and closely supervised to ensure top quality. 

Avalon projects abroad must also consider establishing
proper support, both on-site and going forward.  We punch
a lot higher than our weight to deliver high-class results.

north Tehran skyline

Currently we operate from a modest studio and offer demonstrations by appointment. 
A new demonstration villa fitted with distributed audio-video, home theatre, lighting,
security and comprehensive home automation is currently 98% complete... (Services).


Normal times:  Saturday-Thursday, 9:30am-2pm & 4-7pm (GMT+3)
Demonstrations by appointment.  Please contact by mobile, text or email,
until we acknowledge - I may be driving /in a loud situation on site /whatever... 

tel          (+973) 17 230 322

mob      (+973) 396 07470

fax       (+973) 17 250 322

mail       Avalon, Box 2282, Manama, BAHRAIN, Arabian Gulf

email    Nigel@AvalonConsultants.com

NB: we get spam;  please try all ways till we acknowledge - shukran jazeelen

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