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Home Theatre


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Sound quality is often neglected in the Middle East, where distorted TV and radio
broadcasts are not unusual.  New building acoustics often suffer from large polished
floors, glass, metal and stone surfaces.  Concave settings and domed ceilings don't help.

Better sound against a calm background can have a powerful effect on mood and
behaviour, producing better relaxation, concentration and customer sales

Sound Quality or Noise Control?

Acoustics can mean different things to different people. What concerns you?...

a)    noise control: isolation or insulation => happier neighbours and better sleep

b)    improving sound quality within a room or venue, by treating the room
       => better intelligibility with reduced background noise or reverberation

c)    improving sound quality without treating the room: using equipment to improve
       speaker performance or room charateristics (if indeed correctable)

We can sensibly advise after understanding your situation.  

We can act as local consultant for developers or architects who appreciate the need
for professional input but don't wish to employ a permanent specialist, or don't have
qualified staff available to liaise with overseas specialists. 

Noise Control

May involve surface treatment and/or structural changes, depending on the scale of the
problem, local constraints and how far you want to go. 

Commonly-used absorption materials and practices used within hotel night clubs/discos,
for example, are often quite ineffective and could even be a fire hazard.  Throbbing A/Cs,
generators, transformers, pumps and fans can be other major issues.


Sound Quality
Home Theatre, Gymnasium, Auditorium, Reception Hall, etc.

We may advise on shape and size of a room, and the positioning of the speakers and/or
the audience, besides technology.  Diffusion is also considered, since one should not just
acoustically deaden a room using absorption.


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