AVA L O N audio-video consultants
in Bahrain since 1981 - company registered 1999




Box 2282, Bahrain


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AVA Media


coincidentally from my home town, this family-run business has huge experience
making fanless PCs in a very compact form for industry under the TranquilPC name.

Typically, the casings for the PCs are precisely machined in their Manchester UK factory
from a solid billet of "aerospace grade" aluminium, so heat is conducted away from the
CPU etc without a noisy fan.  Exactly what's needed in an audio amplifier!

AVA Media have several products using carefully chosen components best suited to their
tasks, fitted to precise casings, which share clean styling cues with Apple products.


super slim Zara Premium audiophile CD-ripper / music server - also has audio out
versions with 2x1TB or 2x2TB onboard or diskless (which uses your NAS)
Zara can index and include music found on other NAS on the same LAN
Stop Press: all AVA rippers withdrawn from market (April 2015) - why?!
Zara Premium is a very accurate ripper/server fully deserving of its audiophile position
and uses software familar to Naim users whose discerning client base has already fully
tested its efficacy.  It's also very compact and totally quiet.  I control music from my
Zara server like I do from my RipNAS/Asset: using Linn Kinsky via Android.


Maestro-50 amp next to AppleTV -
another version comes in the same footprint as Sonos Connect (for stacking)
Maestro-50 is a digital amp, connecting via SPDIF Toslink or coax

Avalon use AVA's Maestro-50 digital amplifier as an ideal Sonos amplifier upgrade, Apple
Express or TV companion, but also a fine utility amp in its own right, representing great
value for money.


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