AVA L O N audio-video consultants
in Bahrain since 1981 - company registered 1999




Box 2282, Bahrain


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Home Theatre


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Nigel D. Goddard
MA Cantab - Engineering
MA - Operational Research


Hi! - introducing Avalon, our services and some of my personal favourite products -
selected after 43 years of closely following the technology, industry and personalities.

In all activities, I want Avalon to remain approachable, so if you - Dear Reader! - are a
potential Client, please try and contact me personally to discuss your wishes, thanks.


Avalon specialises in....


RETAIL of high-end Audio and AV at competitive prices + support


DESIGN  /  SUPPLY  /  INSTALLATION  of Home Theatre and high
quality Audio-Video,  Control,  Lighting  and  Home Automation 
luxury homes & developments,  palaces,  gardens,  boutiques,  restaurants
ocean yachts,  commercial & acoustic spaces  (hotels, malls, gyms, mosques)


In Bahrain & elsewhere, combining with top UK & US professionals as needed,
we offer you a focussed, personal service to maximise your enjoyment.
Avalon's MD is also an experienced, highly qualified engineer.


We constantly evaluate and compare products and their suppliers
for reliability, performance, value for money and support - so using
will make sense if all of these factors are important to you too.


Avalon can also provide CONSULTANCY and DESIGN-ONLY.  Our advice is based
on technical merit + decades of practical experience + industry networking...
should you appreciate this(!). 
More thorough than lifestyle magazines, we can
specify and explain why, often putting our own money where our mouth is.

So if interested, please do call - we'll be delighted to help you choose and save time.


To thrill clients with Best Performance for their budgets and tastes,
and to ensure their systems deliver full potential.

Ideas  Developers - click here!

Building a Villa or more? - your room dimensions affect acoustics!  Shape, materials and
layout all matter too  - we can suggest refinements if you call us early, just as your
interior designer does after your architect's first plan: as team work, not as competition.

Cover expenses and we'll travel to you - especially if you...
    a)  don't have local specialists (or prefer non-locals for higher privacy) - and
    b)  are committed to completing your project soon - and
    c)  will genuinely consider working with us.

We can also provide select audio-video & home-technology items besides those on this
website, provided their manufacturers agree to give us adequate and fair support.

As our expat clients move worldwide, we can easily export if your local supply is difficult
(by TNT or DHL Global Forwarding) + we can set up and provide support as required.

1 - God Bless Mum&Dad!
2 - Bahraini rockers
3 - very fast F1 loudspeakers
4 - Bahrain photos - taking more in 2015!...


1 - gym acoustical install
2 - fan club traffic jam
3 - Palace Hotel install
4 - original Meat Co. - full audio & disco install


Normal times:  Saturday-Thursday, 9:30am-2pm & 4-7pm (GMT+3)
Demonstrations by appointment.  Please contact by mobile, text or email
until acknowledged! (I may be driving or in a loud situation, etc) - thanks. 

tel          (+973) 17 230 322

mob      (+973) 396 07470

fax       (+973) 17 250 322 by prior arrangement

mail       Avalon, Box 2282, Manama, BAHRAIN, Arabian Gulf

email    Nigel@AvalonConsultants.com



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